Whether you are someone who follows the inflatable business closely or not, you have probably heard in the media about a few lawsuits regarding the unsafe use of inflatables. Unfortunately, some people got seriously injured or killed. The more popular bounce houses become, the more injuries can be expected, if safety is not always priority … Read More

Personally, I have nothing against the local competition in the inflatable rental market. Nevertheless, good competition makes you even better, and helps maintain a good reputation for the entire inflatable rental industry. Although in Madison, WI, the competition was already very steep, we didn’t have too many problems with that since majority of the competitors … Read More

Here in Madison, sunny days and good weather don’t last long. Either rain or winter cut short the outside fun, including the inflatable rentals. When weather doesn’t cooperate, Fun Time Bounces offers “room-size” indoor inflatables that can fit in an average garage or basement. Currently, Fun Time Bounces offer three inflatables that can fit either … Read More

After another great season with no injuries, we have seen that many customers improved supervision efforts to make sure that their party goes without any accidents. We are happy to see that because we are fully committed to the inflatable riders` safety. However, there are some renters who believe inflatables are one of those toys … Read More

Have you ever thought about having a photo booth at your event to increase your visibility in the social media world? If not, please read this article. Although not every photo booth is capable of doing such a thing, we are happy to say that our “state of art” photo booth is capable of doing … Read More

Through all these years being in an inflatable rental business, we had an opportunity to speak with many of our customers and one of the questions that has been raised many times is how to choose the right bounce house for a party. Each party is unique, therefore there is no “one time” formula. However, … Read More